Was that a TWITTER or a TWEET?

While working on my 31 Days to Better Blogs, I peaked ahead to the to do list, and saw that Twittering was on the list. I rolled my eyes in frustration because I have been trying to figure out what in the heck it was for at least 2 months...which is a long time of not getting it for me. Seeing it ahead on my list, I was determined to figure it out. I re-joined (having deleted my account over the holidays), and within 4 hours of playing non-stop, I suddenly realized the power of staying in instant contact with people, businesses, and news services all over the world. As I type this wiki, my tweets (alerts) are coming in to let me know that my twitters are being updated in real time. I am, as my teenager says, "geeked"!

To learn more about twitter, you can visit many sites. But, the best, is by Sue Water (yes, one of my heros). She walks you through the highlights and advantages in ways that I am not yet capable of doing!

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You can also add yourself to Twitter Lists for teachers...and check out thesegreat applications! Thank you, Jane Hart!

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